Who has been bullied? :(



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    Who has been bullied? :(

    Post  butterbanana on Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:47 am

    how did it effect you ?
    i was on and off bullied about numerous things, from primary to college...
    when i stood up for myself in primary, they went after my disabled brother :O which resulted in me like uhh...attacking them?

    my father is a verbal abuser and i couldn't cope, these girls in a group were picking on me at school, none of my friends would stand up for me, they said they didnt want to get involved...
    some friends never spoke to me.
    i was doing my GCSE exams, with the girls at school and my abusive dad at home i couldn't cope at all.

    i became bulimic, lost trust in people, and my anger was and still is out of control. I was suicidal on two attempts.....

    anyone else, i just came here to get it off my chest .


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    Re: Who has been bullied? :(

    Post  naruka14 on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:38 pm

    i used to be bullied when i was younger i was little so i didnt really under stand it i was also bullied by my teacher when i was in reception which resulted in me having to change schools i was also emotionally abused by my sister i just felt so worthless i still do some times when i think and remember all the stuff that happened i also ended up going though depression because of everything i got over it and i feel alot better than what i used to but im one of the lucky ones i had friends i could talk to and i also got sent to counselling for it all i also end up listening to my friends problems more than they listened to mine and it got to much and i had an emotional break down i hate how i never show my emotions in front of everyone i find it really hard so they just burst out its all ecause of what ive gone though i dont tend to share my problems because i know people have gone though worse but whatever i feel so much better getting this off my chest

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