Cyber Bullying


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    Cyber Bullying

    Post  Taysters1717 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:27 pm

    Hello I am making this topic of cyber-bullying because well. I know a lot of people are getting bullied on the internet and mostly over the main social network of FaceBook. Want to know how I know this? I am one of the few 100000 of people. I get made fun of because of my looks and how I like to look, I get made fun off for being honest and not liking to lie to people. I get bullied for standing up for my friends when they get attacked. And its not even always online. Offline also I get attacked by random people, laughed at and pointed at, tripped when walking down a road, coffee thrown on me, eggs thrown at me. This is a serious matter and I want everyone to know that this is not how people should be treating others. I have attempted suicide over 5 times been put into the hospital 3 times. Been on many different medications, been to counslers, talked to my friends and family and I know very well, it normally does not help. Just today I was going to kill myself and honestly I still want to. I told my friends that I was fed up with life and maybe my next one wont be as bad. And really did anyone try to stop me? No not really people only said " No dont do it" Shut the fuck up and get over it life moves on" "Try talking to me about maybe I can help" those types of words really do not help.

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